Cannabis Ads

Tired of all the challenges that come with advertising in cannabis?

This is for us.

We have over 13 cannabis brands that are in our advertisement network & they allow us to run cannabis advertisements on their sites. It’s super successful.

Who We Are

Group of compassionate friends

We are a team of current & former cannabis industry consultants. We came together to build a thriving network for cannabis advertising. 

Our focus is on growing quality relationships with influential cannabis brands that allow us to run ads on their company’s websites.

This is a “for us” style of advertising. 

Mj Advertisements Images

We have over 13 cannabis brands currently running MJ Advertisements

How It Works

Contact Us

Let us know that you’re interested in advertising in our cannabis only network. We will discuss your advertisement target date and collect payment.

Submit Details

Then we run you through a simple onboarding process to collect some of the details and the assets for your company’s advertisement.

Boom, that's it.

Boom! We start your advertising campaign on all of our partnered sites. Your company gets to experience real “for us” cannabis advertising. Finally.

Start Advertising Today!